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Born into a very active aeromodelling family, my dad being a long time modeller (starting when as well as building the plane you hand to make the radio control system too). A lot of my early memories as a child were going flying with dad, but it was not until about 1980 when 14 years old said that I wanted to learn to fly, so dad set up an aeroplane for me and started taking me out regularly on a Sunday to teach me to fly.

By 1982 had obtained a reasonable level of flying (the plane doing what I wanted most of the time), progressing through the learning stage dad had already shown me all the basic aerobatic manoeuvres, so was already flying a form of aerobatic flying without really knowing. Finding out about the Great Britain Radio Controlled Aerobatic Association, sent off for membership and started receiving their newsletter and reading about all the competitions that they ran.

In 1983 entered my first few aerobatic competitions with what was classed as a 40 engine aerobatic plane. 1984 moved up to a bigger 60 engine sized plane and starting gaining some success, culminating with winning the Standard Class at the Aerobatic Association Championships of that year.

Over the next few seasons, progressed through the Aerobatic Association classes making it into Master class in 1988, this was when the learning curve increased as you where flying against the very best flyers in the UK at that time.

1990 was the pivotal year everything started to change and click into place, was becoming more consistent with my flying, engine and model setup. Started to win Master (FAI) class competitions and pushing for higher finishes at the bigger National ones. These results continued in 1991 and I qualified to fly in the 1992 British team for the Lowlands Cup in France and the Home International that was to be hosted by England.

1993 was not a good year, dad died at the start of the year, my perspective changed, he had been such a great part of my flying I seriously thought about stopping flying, my way of compromise was cutting back on flying, stopped flying in the Centralised competitions that where then used for qualification to international competitions.

From 1993 to 1997 I kept flying but not the amount done previously, would pick a competition then start practicing just before it, still kept wining Master (FAI) competitions (dad always said I practiced to much, so guess he was right again) even with past, current at the time and pilots that would latter go on to be team members and National champions competing in them. In 1993 and 1994 still took part in the British Nationals finishing in the top eight fly off both times, this gave me a lot of pleasure considering the little amount of flying I was doing and having stopped competing in Centralised competitions.

1997 I flew in my last competition at Leicester, by this time I was having major back problems, the travelling to competitions was not an easy experience (fortunately a keen flyer in my local club did the driving) so was doing even less flying and competitions, this was a total stop of modelling selling all my modelling equipment. By 1998 my back condition had worsened even more to the point of constant pain and having trouble to walk, had to have an operation that if successful everything would be ok, if not I might have ended up in wheelchair, thankfully everything went well, but the time spent laid up before the operation and during the physiotherapy after gave a lot time to think and reflect on things I wanted to do.

Ten Years Later . . .

Never really lost interest in aerobatic flying even though I did not do it anymore, still getting the Aerobatic Association newsletter tried to keep up to date with what was happening through that, then with the advent of the Internet it became even easier. The Association revamped their website in 2006 and included a forum for communication, on this saw a request for a judge needed at a competition that was not far from where I lived, so volunteered my services. It was great going along to this, meeting friends from when competing originally that where still active, the new flyers that had come into the Association and how the planes had grown in size!

After the competition Bob Wasson (a friend from what I now found had become the "old days"), very kindly (or bravely, depending on which way you look at it) let me fly his model, so had my first experience of flying a two meter model, fortunately for Bob had not forgotten too much and really enjoyed it.

So it is now April 2007 as I am writing this, having completed a model and acquired myself new engine/radio gear for it, about to go to my first competition in over ten years, wonder how it will go ?


The "About" page has never really changed, but decided to add brief updates of the highlights of the year from 2007 onwards (full information is available in "Results 2007 Onwards" section of the website).

1st Place BMFA Nationals Advanced Class
1st Place GBRCAA League Advanced Class

1st Place BMFA Nationals Master Class
1st Place GBRCAA League Master Class

3rd Place BMFA Nationals FAI-P Class
2nd Place GBRCAA League FAI-P Class
1st Place GBRCAA Centralised Domestic FAI-P League

3rd Place BMFA Nationals FAI-P Class
1st Place GBRCAA Championships FAI-P Class
England Team Triple Crown Ireland

4th Place BMFA Nationals FAI-P Class
1st Place GBRCAA Championships FAI-P Class
2nd Place GBRCAA Centralised Domestic FAI-P League

6th Place BMFA Nationals FAI-P Class
3rd Place GBRCAA Championships FAI-P Class
England Team Triple Crown Scotland

3rd Place BMFA Nationals FAI-P Class
2nd Place GBRCAA League FAI-P Class
1st Place GBRCAA Championships FAI-P Class




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